This video is brought to you by Delegate Susan Aumann from District 42 and Delegate Kathy Szeliga from District 7.

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Thank you to our veterans for their willingness to serve and sacrifice their well being to preserve the freedoms we hold dear in America. Our Nation’s liberty is secure because of the unselfish service of our Military and our Veterans. Their heroism is reflected upon on Veterans Day as we show our gratitude and pride for the sacrifices they have made on our behalf. Thank you for your service to our Maryland and our United States.

With a humble heart,
Delegate Sue Aumann

veteran day flag

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  1. Timonium United Methodist Fall Festival with Delegate Joe Boteler
  2. Sponsored a great event that assists vulnerable children
  3. Delegate Sue Aumann with Delegate Sue Krebs at her Fund Raiser in Finksburg
  4. Sue Aumann with Karl at the Court Appointed Special Advocates fund raiser at the Maryland Country Club on November 2nd



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Delegate Sue Aumann was invited to the Maryland Science Center traveling science program that visited Hampton Elementary School on October  24th. The Children were really engaged as the presenters taught the students about chemical reactions, electricity, air compression and how to make a cloud. Del. Aumann was thrilled to watch the children participate in the experiments and see the reactions to the program. It was a fantastic way to make science cool and show the effects they have on our lives.



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The ribbon cutting for the new 300 seat addition at Hampton Elementary School. Sue and Joe helped secure funding from the State of MD for the wonderful addition in order to meet the educational needs in District 42

Ribbon Cutting - Hampton Elementary School

Ribbon Cutting - Hampton Elementary School

The Hereford Vol. Fire Company Fund Raiser Fall Festival.

Hereford Vol. Fire Company Fund Raiser Fall Festival

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Susan Aumann - Oktoberfest

Octoberfest was a big success and Ambassador Ellen Sauerbrey and Delegate Sue Aumann had a great time enjoying all the dancing and festivities.  Delegate Sue Aumann was glad that the German American month of October was passed this year into law.  She said ” What a great time to celebrate our German American heritage here at the Maryland State Fairgrounds tonight with friends and family. Six members of my family came from Hanover, Germany and loved the band and the great food. A real nice celebration.

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During the past two weeks I have been in meetings with Dr. Dallas Dance of the Baltimore County School System. The issues ranged from the central area overcrowding and redistricting, plans for a ten year renovation of existing schools and safety in our schools for our children.

The central area in Baltimore County has been determined to be overcapacity by 500 seats. The School System is looking at the projections and are waiting to see the September enrollment population to determine the redistricting. A committee has been formed to evaluate the data and to receive community input. Dr. Dance has expressed interest in the process being open to the public and has created a website called “What’s Happening” to keep interested parties up to date.

The renovation of existing schools has been greatly helped by funding from the Legislature and the dedication of funds from the County Executive for air conditioning. The need for technology in the schools has been linked to the air conditioning because the cable can be run along side of the duct work. The curriculum will have some changes or renovations, the School System will be adapting “Common Core”. “Common Core” was adopted by the State of Maryland allowing each school system to write its own curriculum. The focus on Math will intensify by preparing our eight graders for Algebra 1. This will take effect in the fall of 2014.

Due to the Sandy Hook tragedy, security was a very important issue in the Legislature and to the various school systems in Maryland. The Baltimore County School System has taken a keen review of each school and has enhanced the entry systems. Each school has a security camera that feeds images to the main office. If access is allowed, the individual must present a photo ID. The ID is scanned into a data base that compares the image to the Baltimore County Police system. The police can link into the school’s camera system if needed. The schools will also have School Resource Officers (SRO) that the students, teachers and, employees of the school can text, email or call if something suspicious if happening. This was one of the most important pieces of legislation that I sponsored for implementation for safer schools.

The meetings were very informative. Please take a look at the link that the Baltimore County School system has posted called ” What’s Happening”on the website: It is way to keep the. Community current of changes in our schools.


Delegate Susan L.M. Aumann
District 42 – Baltimore County
303 Lowe House Office Building
Annapolis, MD 21401
410-841-3258; FAX 410-841-3163

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