Top Issues



Delegate Susan Aumann is dedicated to the youth of our State and emphasizes the importance of education in their lives. She pledges to work to promote a quality education for every child in a safe, wholesome environment, support teachers’ and local schools’ roles in decision making and demand academic and financial accountability.
Photo: Delegate Susan Aumann visits with students at Padonia Elementary School.



Fiscal Accountability

Delegate Susan Aumann will work to ensure State spending is reasonable, reduce the tax burden on families and business, require fairness in allocating funds to the counties and mandate long-term budget planning.



Delegate Susan Aumann will work to protect the reservoir watershed and encourage farmland preservation. She is also a supporter of the Governor’s Chesapeake Bay Restoration plan which will remove nearly one-third of the nutrient pollution in the Chesapeake Bay.

Delegate Aumann with family & supporters at the Loch Raven Reservoir Clean Up.


Homeland Security

Delegate Susan Aumann has been working diligently on legislation that improves Maryland’s security. Through House Bill 666, Delegate Aumann

improved planning and coordination between the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the Maryland Emergency Management Agency and the Maryland Department of the Environment.


Reforming Healthcare

Delegate Susan Aumann will continue to work toward meaningful medical malpractice reform. She will also continue to support reasonable policies that provide access to health care for all Marylanders and make prescription drugs affordable for seniors.

Delegate Aumann presents a Maryland flag and a Governor’s Citation to John Tolmy, President of St. Joseph’s Hospital.



Delegate Susan Aumann will work to strengthen lines of communication among local elected officials and communities, and promote greater participation in neighborhood councils and events.